Bell TV Services for Broadcast Distributors

Standard Definition Services
Standard Definition (“SD”) channels are typically encoded by Bell ExpressVu at a resolution of 704x480i. (704 vertical lines x 480 horizontal lines, interlaced) Typically SD channels use the Musicam (“MP2”) audio format; however, many now carry an embedded Dolby Digital 2.0 or AC3 Surround Sound audio track.

High Definition Services
High Definition (“HD”) channels carried by Bell ExpressVu at a resolution of either 1920x1080i (commonly referred to as 1080i) or 1280x720p (commonly referred to as 720p) which are two most common HD standards. Both of these resolutions assume a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. HD channels carry a Dolby Digital AC3 audio track.

MPEG-2 is a standard for coding video and audio information. The channels carried by Bell ExpressVu over the satellites located at 82 and 91 degrees are encoded in an MPEG 2 format and can be delivered to a broadcast distributor.

MPEG-4 is also a standard for coding video and audio information, and was introduced in late 1998. Bell ExpressVu encodes a large number of the services in MPEG 4 and can deliver the content to a broadcast distributor through a fibre optic network.

Descriptive Video Service
Descriptive Video Service (“DVS”) is used to provide a description of the video for the visually impaired. Bell ExpressVu carries several channels with DVS.

Headend Backup Service
The headend backup service provides your company with access to Bell ExpressVu's entire non-pay-per-view channel line-up in the event of an emergency or disaster at your primary broadcast centre. Please contact us for more information.

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